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The daily school life of a Sacred Heartian

Summer Time Table 6.55 a.m. to 12.40 p.m.
Winter Time Table 7.55 a.m. to 01.40 p.m.

 Many of the pupils arrive by the school transport others by private car, various school vans etc.


The First discipline of the day is that of the Morning Assembly           
During this a prayer is offered to God in which all ask for a blessing on the school day that’s about to begin.   The National Anthem and the School Song are sung.  On alternative mornings this song is replaced by the Peace Song.  These are all sung to the accompaniment of the school band.  The Assembly is a platform for the unfolding of any particular event for the day, the bringing to the children’s notice any notable world or national occurrence as well as a forum for notable International Days.    After the Assembly the children march to their respective classes to the tune of the school band
School band

Besides the normal lessons that one will find in any school special emphasis is placed on music and singing, public speaking through declamations, needlework including knitting, crochet and fine embroidery, art, games, gymnastics, athletics, marching, basket ball, badminton, table tennis.

Wherever possible the children are entered for as many competitions as is possible as we believe in exposing our pupils to the world of competition and interaction. However, we do not adopt a ‘do or die’ atmosphere. Obviously when entering our pupils for any competition of whatever nature we do so in the hope that we’ll be placed, but this is not the final and only criteria. However, what is expected of our pupils is that they do their level best, enjoy what they do and accept in a sportsmanship spirit the outcome of the competition.


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