school name

School Crest


The School Crest epitomizes all that the school stands for.

The choice of colours; green, blue, red and yellow symbolizes the four houses of the school; Unity, Faith, Discipline and Simplicity.  The first three values are easily recognized as the motto of our revered Quaid, the fourth;  is that which portrays the hall mark of the school, simplicity.

The Open Hands has a very rich symbolism.  This is symbolic of our life in God, to be ever receptive to the gifts He’s longing to shower upon us and conversely they show our ready acceptance of all he’s asking from us.   A Sacred Heartian is always ready to receive and to give/share with others especially the less fortunate.

The Torch denotes both light and warmth which a Sacred Heartian is expected to shower on those around her – These qualities arise from a pure heart   The Torch also symbolizes the willingness to spread knowledge and to be a guiding light for others

The Heart , is that all embracing symbol of love wherein we capture the depth of God’s love for us this we in turn are called to translate in our day to day lives as, respect, acceptance, kindliness, compassion for all God’s people no matter their colour, creed, social status.  We are all equal in the eyes of God and this is how a Sacred Heartian is expected to look upon her neighbour.
The motto Cor Unum Anima Una - One heart and one soul (mind) sums up just who a Sacred Heartian is.   We also see incorporated in this motto Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God and our more familiar motto Pray – Work – Smile.





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