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Celebrating a Century of Excellence


  Launching Ceremony Centenary Bear - Ching Changy

Centinary Bear Ching Changy
Centinary Bear Ching Changy


Dear Former Student,

          You will be glad to know that our Centenary Jubilee Year Celebrations are now under way and we are happy that some of you have already been a part of them. However, we are hoping that more and more of you will take an active part and that we will have the added pleasure and joy of seeing you back once again at school. For some of you, who have been unable to visit your Alma Mater let the Centenary Year be an occasion to break the ice.

          To bring you up to date we launched a Lucky Draw in April and we had many generous contributors who offered some really good gifts. To these persons the school is much indebted. Likewise it is indebted to all those who both sold the tickets and to those who bought them. Here it’s mostly ‘hats off’ to the present day pupils. We envisaged the Draw as a means of having a little ‘kitty’ on which to draw to meet, the obvious expenses of the year, at least some of them.

          On the 2nd June was the actual launching day of our Centenary Jubilee Year, the accent of which was placed on the prayer asking God’s blessing on the year that was about to unfurl. This was from the side of the management. It was a pleasant evening which culminated with a dinner. The evening also marked the launching of our pictorial exhibition and our website. I trust that you will loose no time in visiting the site, the address of which is

         We invite you to keep contact through the website. We will be doing our best to keep it up to date and to keep you abreast of all that’s about to happen. By the beginning of August we’ll be posting up the events that will hopefully be taking take place once we’re back at school.

For now we invite you to take part in our “Interview”

          The senior girls have the homework project of looking up a former Sacred Heartian and to take her interview. This ‘work’ they have to present on their return to school at the end of August. We thought that you too would be interested to be interviewed and so we’ve enclosed a list of questions. Be so good and kind as to enter into the project so that we will have a beautiful mosaic of the past. Thank you for your interest and co-operation. Please be so good as to return the interview by the beginning of August thank you. These could be sent by e-mail, the school address is,

          Also we would be grateful for your contribution to our Needlework Exhibition. We wish to reserve a corner for you. It would be good to see how the present pupils measure up to those who are the past! So if you wish to be a part of the Exhibition please send in your contributions which we’ll keep most preciously. These should be clearly marked with your name both married and maiden as well as the year you passed your Matric.


Do keep in touch

God bless


President of the Old Girls’ Association


Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Dedicated to those to whom God in His mercy has taken from this world of strife to be with Him in joy and peace

We extend our prayerful sympathies to the families of the following whom God chose to call unto Himself.   We thank Him for all the good that each dearly departed one did in their respective lives and we ask Him to forgive them too all their weaknesses and so to take them into His everlasting abode of peace and love.   We particularly remember:                   

Sister Jean du Sacre Coeur
Sacred Heartian Sofia Humayan (Malik) – 1962 Matric and mother of Sacred Heartian Muska
Danny the school’s devoted electrician and plumber
The mother of Sacred Heartian Saba Khan
Our devoted teacher Safia Rehman and mother of Sacred Heartians Saba and Rabia

May all those who mourn their passing receive comfort and solace from the One who took them away to be with Him.    Amen



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