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Matric Result 2007


Calling All Sacred Heartians

         The Matric result has been declared and you’ll be pleased to know that we have a really excellent result this year. Out of a class of 26 15 were in the 700’s and there were 19 A+ which leaves just seven and these all had an A Grade. We pray now that each girl gets into the college of her choice with the subjects of her choice. Well Done Matric 2007 the school is proud of you.

O Level Result for the 2006 / 7

As promised as soon as the O Level Result for the 2006 / 7 batch was out we’d be communicating it to you – So here it is   Out of a class of eleven pupils 6 of them secured straight A’s 2 secured 7 A’s and 2 B’s 2 5A’s and 3 B’s and one 2 A’s 2B’s 3 C’s and 1 D.  The tabulated result looks like this
                                                            Grade A           Grade B           Grade C           Grade D

English                                                   10                     1                     1
Mathematics                                          10                                            1
Biology                                                    08                     3
Chemistry                                               10                                            1
Physics                                                   09                      1                                              1
Islamyat /                                                09                      1
Bible Knowledge                                   01
Urdu                                                         11
Pakistan Studies                                   08                     4

So Best Congratulations to the 2006 / 7 batch O Level Students and may their future dreams and hopes be fulfilled.
Grateful thanks are also due to my dedicated Staff and to our supportive parents.  This applies both to the Matric stream Staff and parents as well as to that of the O Levels.


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