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An interview session with and ‘old’ girl


01)       Name (married, single)
02)       Joined School
03)       Left School
04)       What is perhaps you first memory of school
05)       Have you any lasting memory of your school days – please share
06)       What would you consider to have been the ‘high’ / ‘low’ of your school days?
07)       Did you face any difficulties when you joined college after completing your school days?
            Would you elaborate?
08)       What would you say were the striking differences between your school / college days?
09)       Have you had any one ask you to which school you went?
            Why do you think you were asked?
10)       Would you consider that the school equipped you to enter a larger arena than that of school?   If so, yes?  How    And if no  How and Why?
11)       Would you send your daughter, if you had one back to your old school?  Give reasons if   either ‘yes’ or no’
12)       Have you sent your daughter back to your old school?  If ‘yes’ the reasons for your doing so and how do you find the present day Sacred Heartian measures up to the Sacred Heartian of yesteryear?
13)       When you were at school was there any particular teacher who inspired you / helped you   in any way?  Please elaborate
14)       Do you come across any present day Sacred Heartians what are your views with regard to        them?   What you say will, of course, be a reflection of the school!
15)       Do you still keep contact with your class mates?   Are they in contact with the school?
16)       Have you any suggestions as to how the Sacred Heart can maintain its traditions etc?


Kindly the number of the question you are answering

Thank you for your willingness to be part of the school project


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